Supportive leadership


Supportive Leadership helps delegates understand what leader/manager behaviours are important to them and their colleagues but more so to help all delegates reflect on the impact they have on others.

Leaders will have an opportunity to review and practice key behaviours as well as access key resources to help consolidate their learning


1 Day

Learning objectives

By the end of the programme the delegates will;

  • Increase awareness and importance of everyday manager behaviour
  • Demonstrate how their own approach to particular problems can be informed by a better understanding of the importance of supportive manager behaviour
  • Discuss how supportive manager behaviours manifests/applies in specific situations
  • Reflect on the principles of attachment, responsiveness and boundaries in the leadership context
  • Identify opportunities to demonstrate supportive manager behaviour
  • Develop a plan to action supportive behaviour in your own work situation


A key message of the programme is to give the delegates an awareness of the impact of a wider variety of everyday manager behaviour on employee well-being.