Leading Successful Projects


This programme runs over 4 dates and has been designed specifically to give practical support to people running projects. Each of the dates takes the delegates through the different stages of the project management process and gives them the chance to consider project management in the context of their own organisation.

To maximise the learning opportunities, all delegates need to have an actual project on which they can apply their learning and reflect on the overall process. We would recommend space between each of the days to allow this learning to happen.

Learning objectives

By the end of the programme delegates will;

  • Identify and plan an actual project to implement.
  • Reflect on different project tools and techniques, applying these to their own projects.
  • Practise techniques to run and control projects in the implementation phase.
  • Discuss the importance of evaluation and develop their own evaluation framework.


Delegates will apply the principles and practises of project management when they implement an identified project.