Leading people through transition


Leading people through transition requires skill, thought and knowledge. This programme supports managers to reflect on the organisational situation, the impact on colleagues and what to expect through along the journey. They key elements include understanding the emotional, psychological and neurological responses that we all experience, and what practically they can do to support.

Our approach means we work closely with your organisation to understand the context of any transition and how people can access support on offer.


2 Days

Learning objectives

By the end of the session delegates will:
• Discuss the expectations of leaders, staff and the organisation through transition
• Reflect on how people respond to change and personal attributional styles
• Analyse transactional analysis and ego states as part of the manager staff relationship
• Give clarity on personal accountability, responsibility and authority
• Research what internal support is available from their organisation


Managers will gain deeper insight into personal reactions (including their own) through transition and gain practical techniques to support people through transition.