Leading in challenging times


One of the most difficult times to be a manager is when the team faces challenging times. There are many different factors that can affect performance – this programme supports leaders in key areas such as managing transition, keeping performance levels high and personal impact.


2 Days

Learning objectives

By the end of the programme the delegates will;
• discuss their role in managing people, teams and services through uncertain times
• apply the principles of psychological and emotional resilience to their own situation
• work with peers to identify common areas of concern and put strategies in pace to manage them
• reflect on their own levels of impact, delivering messages and clarity of communication
• discuss the key emotional, behavioural and psychological reactions to change


The 2 days will have a clear distinction between expectations of managers to support their staff and maintain performance standards (day 1) and helping them to develop strategies to support themselves (day 2).

Managers will be asked to develop and deliver clear actions from each day which will be reviewed as part of the evaluation framework.