Leading and Managing Teams


This programme supports delegates to lead their teams to deliver excellent services and to identify real opportunities to improve them. It also gives the opportunity to consider their own leadership style, build on a project and service improvement skills and reflect on the way they work with and manage people.


10 Days

Learning objectives

By the end of the programme delegates will

  • Know the expectations of leaders and managers from their organisation
  • Compare and contrast the behaviours values and attitudes required of successful leadership and the impact of these
  • Discuss different leadership models and their application within the Trust
  • Reflect on your communication style and develop strategies to use guide and motivate colleagues and staff
  • Consider the fundamentals of leadership and how to lead their service and teams to success while developing management techniques to support this
  • Apply the principles of project management and planning improvements whilst supporting change and innovations amongst colleagues
  • Manage individual and team development, recognising the value of coaching and the appraisal process
  • Design, deliver and present effective presentations and consider the importance of self-presentation


Delegates will reflect on their own leadership behaviours, analyse these in terms of the organisational expectations and implement a significant improvement project.

Dependent on the programme they will receive a nationally recognised qualification in leadership