Building Leadership Behaviours


This programme builds on Introducing Leadership Behaviours and supports leaders to develop their leadership approach and examines the skills required to successfully achieve individual and team objectives.

Delegates have the opportunity to reflect on the skills attitudes and behaviours of successful leaders and have the opportunity to apply them through the implementation of a small improvement project.


3 Day

Learning objectives

By the end of the programme delegates will;

  • Be able to identify problems in your service and implement solutions to them
  • Discuss the characteristics and behaviours of good leaders
  • Reflect on your own levels of power and influence
  • Recognise the importance of networking and how to use your network to get results
  • Plan to apply these principles through the delivery of an improvement project.
  • List the key components of the service you offer to service users and colleagues
  • Discuss your role to lead people through change


Delegates will apply the principles of the programme through their own behaviours and the delivery of an improvement project, linked to organisational priorities.